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Jewelry by Design
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Welcome to A. A. Baldwin's Jewelry by Design, home of the area's only Jewelers of America™ Certified Master Bench Jeweler™ (the first from Ohio and the twelfth in the United States to receive this prestigious certification) in beautiful, historic downtown Marietta, where you can experience the first settlement in the Northwest Territories (founded in 1789) and our picturesque specialty shops. You have found the jewel of Southeaster Ohio, and thee Marietta Jeweler store.

The only limitations are what you cannot imagine. Most of what we offer is done right here on the premises. Our access to the inventory of the jewelry industry is unlimited. Nearly all metals, diamonds, precious gemstones and jewelry items are as close as our fingertips. If you are planning to have a special piece of jewelry made or re-designed, no one can turn your dream into reality better than we can. © Jewelry by Design — thee Marietta Jeweler, Marietta, Ohio